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M6*45 MM Horizontal Toggle Clamp GH-201-B

The GH-201-B Toggle clamp is a horizontal quick clamp, also referred to as a Quick-release clamp, Toggle lever, or Clamping force. The manipulating arm of this clamp is a U-shaped bar that can be adjusted in length, and the bottom is a flat base, making it suitable for horizontal operation.

  • MODEL: GH-201-B (M6*45)
  • Materials Option: Mild Steel or Satinless steel 304
  • Surface Treatment: Zinc plated for mild steel ; Polished for stainless steel 304
  • Net Weight: Around 123 gram
  • Holding Capacity: 90KGS or 180LBS or 360N
  • Bar Opens: 85°
  • Handle Opens: 65°


Product Description


Constructed from 2.0MM thick cold-rolled steel, it boasts a galvanized surface and can also be fabricated from stainless steel 304. Widely utilized in mold manufacturing, carpentry, machinery manufacturing, and other industries, this clamp is a valuable tool for various applications.

The toggle clamp made of stainless steel 304 and cold-rolled steel differ in the following aspects:
1.Corrosion resistance: Stainless steel 304 has excellent corrosion resistance, which can withstand exposure to moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive substances without rusting or corroding. Cold-rolled steel is not as corrosion-resistant as stainless steel and may rust or corrode over time.
2.Durability: Stainless steel 304 is more durable and has a longer lifespan than cold-rolled steel. It can withstand higher loads and stresses without deforming or breaking.
3.Appearance: Stainless steel 304 has a shiny, polished appearance that gives it a more attractive and professional look. Cold-rolled steel may have a matte finish or require additional surface treatment to achieve a similar appearance.
4.Cost: Stainless steel 304 is generally more expensive than cold-rolled steel, due to its superior corrosion resistance and durability. However, the higher cost may be justified for applications where corrosion resistance and longevity are important factors.

In summary, if you need a toggle clamp with excellent corrosion resistance and durability, and a polished appearance, stainless steel 304 may be the better choice. If cost is a concern or the application does not require high corrosion resistance, cold-rolled steel may be a more practical option.



Introducing the M6*45 MM Horizontal Hinged Clamp GH-201-B, a versatile and sturdy tool ideal for holding workpieces securely in place in a variety of woodworking, metalworking, and other industrial applications.

 This horizontal toggle clamp is designed to provide a simple and effective way to secure workpieces, thereby increasing project accuracy and consistency. With a working range of 45 mm and an M6 threaded spindle, the clamp can accommodate a variety of workpiece sizes and shapes, making it a must-have addition to any workshop or production line.

 The GH-201-B features sturdy construction and a durable heavy-duty metal frame to ensure reliable performance and long service life. The handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable operation, and the clamp has a maximum load capacity of 100 pounds, providing the strength and stability needed to handle demanding tasks.

 What sets this horizontal toggle clamp apart is its versatility and ease of use. It mounts easily to workbenches, fixtures, or other surfaces, and its quick-release mechanism allows for quick and easy adjustment of clamping force. This makes it ideal for quickly holding workpieces in place, reducing setup time and increasing productivity.

 Whether you are a professional woodworker, metal fabricator or DIY enthusiast, this horizontal toggle clamp is a valuable tool that can streamline your workflow and improve the quality of your finished product. It is suitable for a variety of applications including cutting, drilling, grinding, milling, welding and assembly.

 Designed for long-lasting performance, the GH-201-B uses precision engineering and premium materials to ensure smooth and reliable operation. Its compact size and ease of installation make it an excellent choice for workshop and industrial environments where space is often at a premium and efficiency is critical.

 All in all, the M6*45 MM Horizontal Hinge Clamp GH-201-B is a reliable and user-friendly tool that provides the strength, versatility, and precision needed to handle a variety of clamping tasks. Whether you're working on a small project or a large production line, this clamp will help you achieve consistent and professional results. Invest in GH-201-B now and experience the changes it brings to your work.