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Small size twist latch lock with padlock hole M806A

The M806A has the same dimensions as the M806, which is 55mm in length and 51mm in width. However, the M806A has a "nose" more than the M806, which is a padlock hook. There are also springs installed on both sides.

  • MODEL: M806A
  • Materials Option: Mild Steel or Satinless steel 304
  • Surface Treatment: Zinc plated for mild steel ; Polished for stainless steel 304
  • Net Weight: Around 63 gram
  • Holding Capacity: 30KGS or 90LBS or 300N


Product Description

Large size butterfly latch M810 (1)1x0

Our extra-large butterfly latch model M810 is a truly iconic piece, also referred to as a turn latch, butterfly latch, draw latch, and flight case latch. Constructed from high-quality cold-rolled steel, this latch is typically finished in chrome or a powder-coated black finish, adding a touch of elegance to its durability. For enhanced corrosion resistance, it can also be fabricated from stainless steel grade 304. The base plate is equipped with mounting holes, accommodating the use of rivets, screws, or spot welding for secure installation. This latch finds its application on flat surfaces, seamlessly connecting two 90-degree planes. The multifunctional hook ensures versatile usage, with a mounting hole diameter of 5.0MM. Our customers commonly install this latch in heavy-duty boxes, robust plastic boxes, aluminum boxes, or aviation cases. Should this size not meet your requirements, we offer medium-sized M803 and smaller M806 alternatives.

This latch boasts the following unique design features:
Multifunctional hook: The hook is multifunctional and can be used for flat surface installations or to connect two 90-degree planes, enhancing its applicability and flexibility.
Mounting hole design: The bottom plate has mounting holes that allow for the installation of rivets, screws, or spot welding, providing convenient installation and fixation.
Anti-prying design: It incorporates an anti-prying design, enhancing the security and reliability of the door lock.
High sensitivity and rapid response: It features high sensitivity and rapid response, allowing vehicle owners to use the door lock with greater ease



Introducing our compact twist lock M806A with padlock hole! This innovative latch is the perfect solution for protecting your valuables while still providing easy access. Whether you want to protect a toolbox, storage cabinet, or any other small enclosure, the M806A is the ideal choice.

 This twist lock is designed with durability and security in mind. It's made from high-quality materials, ensuring it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The lock's small size makes it versatile and suitable for a variety of applications. Despite its compact design, it provides reliable protection for your belongings.

 One of the key features of the M806A is its padlock hole for extra security. This allows users to further secure their items by adding a padlock for extra protection. The location of the padlock hole has been carefully designed to ensure that the function of the latch is not compromised, giving the user peace of mind.

 The M806A's twist-lock mechanism is designed for easy operation, making access to your items quick and easy. The simple yet effective design keeps your belongings safe while providing easy access when needed. The latch rotates smoothly and is easy to use, making it suitable for a wide range of users.

 In addition to its safety features, the M806A is also beautiful because of its sleek and modern design. It blends seamlessly with the look of any enclosure, adding a touch of sophistication to your storage solution.

 Overall, the small size twist lock M806A with padlock hole is a versatile and reliable option for protecting your valuables. Its durable construction, padlock hole, user-friendly operation and stylish design make it the perfect choice for a variety of applications. Upgrade your security and add a touch of elegance to your enclosure with the M806A latch.